Caro on air at ice hockey game: Eisbären Berlin – das Video

November 25, 2017

Moderator: The Fjällräven Polar Race! Carola, great, that you are here for some questions. What IS Fjällräven Polar in the first place?

Carola: Fjällräven Polar, that’s an event in Sweden and Norway where you are travelling 300 km on dog sleds through the arctic wilderness. You are sleeping in tents or even snow pits and cook on fire or gas ovens. At -25 degrees Celsius, that is a real challenge.

Moderator: Exciting! Well, I would not do that, I have to admit. That is a great adventure! Unfortunately, there will be just 20 participants from all over the world and just two from the German-speaking countries. You are in an application campagne right now. How can anyone support you who thinks: „Yes, the girl has it. I want to support her. How can I do that?“

Carola: Right. I need the maximum votes in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland (GAS) region to become a participant. You can support me by voting this Berlin girl (me) right now to the arctic circle using the URL . And I need every single one of you to vote for me.

Moderator: Well, if you could not read this on the screen: it is Carola, that is a fantastic dream. But seriously. Why? Did you wake up one day thinking „I really want to go to the arctic circle to ride dog sleds.“ There must be a reason for this crazy plan.

Carola: Of course! This year I went with nine beloved friends to Sweden. We did the Fjällräven Classic, a 110 km trekking tour with tents and all the stuff. It was chilly and cold and after that, I found the Fjällräven Polar event and I knew :“Yes, you normally hike through hot deserts with 30 degrees Celsius and more. -25 degrees Celsius, that is a challenge I really need now.“

Moderator: We wish you all the luck! Hopefully you will get the maximum votes. I will vote for you right away. Thank you, Caro Kessler. And if you win, then you will come here again and tell us about this adventure. Great! Thanks again. Carola Kessler, she wants to go to the arctic circle with dogs and now she needs your help. Thank you for being here in the arena and to all of you: enjoy the rest of the break.

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